EEC Inc.

electromechanical design engineers product development specialists

6 wilkins drive, suite 105

plainville, MA 02762

phone: 508-699-3309 x1#




    To be successful....


     Companies in today's extremely

     competitiive business environment

     must emphasize the highest quality,

     absolute cost effectiveness, and

     minimal time to market.

    Utilizing the design and development services
    provided by EEC Inc. is a proven path
    to realizing these essential objectives....
There are many benefits to retaining a leading edge consulting firm, not the least of which is to be availed of the many years of experience resident within that firm. EEC Inc's track record of successful electromechanical design projects spans more than 20 years, with a total of over 50 years of industry experience.

EEC Inc. is a sharply focused, client centric, electromechanical design and product development consulting firm serving the electronics, medical, consumer products, and industrial markets from our offices in Plainville, MA.


Our design and development philosophy emphasizes quality, accuracy, and reduced time to market.  


Our comprehensive service offering includes concept development and industrial design, the engineering and design of discrete parts, mechanisms, subassemblies, and system level enclosures, as well as custom machine and automated system design/development.


We are highly skilled in 3D solid modeling utilizing SolidWorks, plastic injection molding, formed sheet metal, machining, casting, and extrusion.